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We are committed to

Empowering individuals, as well as growing programme initiatives.

Up-skilling and training woman of Kya Sands to generate income outside the #RareBearProject.

Providing support, and companionship to those impacted by rare diseases through Rare Diseases SA.

Providing a continuous income stream for the woman making #RareBears.

Reducing unemployment within the Kya Sands community.

Improving overall sustainability of the #RareBearProject.

Nurturing future entrepreneurs.

Job creation


Two thirds of each donation is paid back to the lady who made that bear. We have had over 60 woman generate income from this project since its inception.

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Addressing these needs we contribute in…

Community Investment


One third of each donation is invested back into the project, creating earning opportunities, skills training and project development initiatives to ensure sustainability. 

Donations via Care4Rare programme


Over 500 #RareBears have been donated to rare disease patients to date.

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